Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Вс 13 Май 2018 - 16:38

Вышел очередной объёмный патч с многими интересными изменениями. Ссылки на обновлённый клиент уже обновлены, ищите в начале темы.

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 5


Capital Ships
- Added Unioner capital turrets.

- Reduced cost of Bomber Chaingun ammo to 250.

- Infocard for Argus

- Liberty Separatist IFF is now a full NPC faction with NPCs and bribes.
- Added Auxesia IFF.
- Moors Revamped - Most moors now place you outside and parallel to the station upon undocking, like Mooring Fixtures.
- Disabled most cutscenes for bar NPCs. Bribes, rumors, missions etc. display instantly instead.
- Added a new intro screen - Omicron Delta.
- Added 12 new cargo pod models.
- Added Edge Worlds guns to Coalition, Core and Order bases.
- Removed Edge Worlds guns from Carrier Tarrafal.
- Coalition, Core and Order now have at least one sellpoint for Edge Worlds ships.
- Added Hessian Gunship, Ragnar and Tiger Shark to Planet Tangier.
- Added Eagle, Roc and Osprey to Carrier Tarrafal.
- LH shipdealer request.

- Changes to commodity rep/purchase criteria.

- Added New London Gate Construction Site (EFL) to Leeds.
- Nomad Irra (Omicron Mu) has been recycled.
- Activated Nauru Docking Ring (Core) in Omicron Delta.
- Markham Picket (LPI) in Ontario has been recycled.
- Activated Planet JiangXi Docking Ring (Coalition) in Omega-52.
- Merzig Depot (RHA) in Omega-52 has been recycled.
- Added Moros Atmospheric Entrypoint (Nomad Guard) to Omicron Lost.
- Nomad Irra in Omicron Rho has been recycled.
- Added Valravn Citadel (Auxesia) to Inverness.
- Destroyer Graviton (Liberty Rogues) in Coronado has been recycled.
- Added Marshall Station (Separatists) to Bering.
- Battleship Wheeling in Virginia has been recycled.
- Changed Altair Research Complex and Lichtenfelde Complex to Wild IFF.
- Schatten Jamming Array, MND request.
- Schatten Minefield mine damage and detection radius buffed.
- Renamed Battleship Mars to Battleship Jupiter, Core request.
- Renamed Neu Augsburg Outpost to New Augsburg Outpost, language consistency.
- Removed Help System as it has been superseded by /helpmenu and there is no point maintaining two separate help systems.
- Infocards for Carrier Tarrafal, Port Said and all recycled bases.

- Reverted FPS limiter.
- Fixed broken Chugoku-Hiroshima jump hole.
- Fixed ex-LWB guns not being sold on Bundschuh bases.
- Fixed various bugs with Kaiserslautern and Bautzen.
- Fixed Kruger mining ships in Dresden.
- Fixed Red Hessian Guard IFF having allegiance to the Unioners.
- Fixed Transgressor docking light, re-buy to fix.
- Fixed red jump hole effect being bright green.
- Changed Jump gate and hole FX to activate instantly.
- Fixed Planet De Aar archetype having no atmosphere.
- Fixed mass of all solars to prevent capital ships from pushing spinning solars (eg. Omega-3 comet.)
- Fixed Wild appearing as targets for assassination missions (They are all called Unknown.)
- Fixed Cairo station not selling transport turrets.
- Fixed Maquis ID not being sold on some bases because of a typo.


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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Сб 26 Май 2018 - 18:28

Вышло очередное крупное обновление, подробности читайте ниже. Позже обновлю ссылки на готовую сборку в шапке гайда.

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 6


These changes are in as of 26/5/2018. If you find any bugs or irregularities immediately report them here. Feedback and everything else should be posted in the continuation of this thread.

Hello again, Discovery. As my first time doing this in Antonio's place expect some of this to look plagiarized (with his permission) and a little wonky. This is a relatively big patch with some pretty exciting stuff, including drone bays NEVERMIND, major balance changes to several ships, and a lot of fixes as well. As always, it is recommended that you view changes in FLStat - its tutorial as well as some term explanation (responsiveness) can be found here.

Very Heavy Fighters

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Wyvern10


-Hull: 10.8k -> 11.1k
-Responsiveness: 0.4717 -> 0.4998
-Core: 12.4k -> 11.4k

Small, agile, and with a large powercore, the Wyvern rivaled the Wraith for over-performance in group fights, all while sporting a 6th gun - its Rheinlandic counterpart's only drawback. Its responsiveness has been toned down heavily and its powercore reduced to a more reasonable level. It has seen a slight armor buff to compensate in duels, where it was performing pretty much as intended.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Pi_vhe10


-Responsiveness: 0.5227 -> 0.5386

An already slow and unwieldly ship, the Titan's greatest advantage has always been its shape. Its thin center of mass gives it a great profile for dogfights where it was dodging just a little too well. While a possible model based solution is being discussed, the reduction in responsiveness should bring it more in line with its opponents such as the Odin and Rapier.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Bd-vhf10


-Guns: 6 -> 5

An agile fighter with a slim profile following its remodel, the Tachi was over-performing with no key weaknesses. Rather than creating a clone of the Wyvern, we opted to cut the number of guns on the Tachi down not only to create a more unique ship, but to fix its overlapping gun/cruise disruptor hardpoints underneath. As an aside, its codename slots have been changes, so make sure to remount your guns if you had codenames on a Tachi!

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Ravens10

Raven's Talon

- Turn rate: 65.48 -> 66.00
- Responsiveness: 0.4441 -> 0.4216

A large and slow civilian fighter, the Raven's Talon has always been a little underwhelming. This latest patch gives it a large buff to responsiveness, intended to fill the gap of dogfight capable civilian ships, alongside the Scraper and Starblazer. An Eagle or Sabre should be able to best these three ships in a duel, and as this is a big change we'll be keeping a close eye on these three ships.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Dsy_mi10


- Hull: 10.7k -> 11.1k
- Turn rate: 68.27 -> 66.25
- Responsiveness: 0.4605 -> 0.4211
- Camera adjusted

The Scraper has always been an oddball. Following the formula of the Raven's Talon and Starblazer, the Scraper loses some of its turn speed in favor of reaction time and hull plating with the intent of making it a viable dogfighter. In addition, its ass-hugging camera has been adjusting to a much more reasonable distance, which should make the ship much less of a pain to fly.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Cv_sta10


- Hull: 10.2k -> 10k
- Turn rate: 72.37 -> 66.50
- Responsiveness: 0.5090 -> 0.4201

The final ship in our groupfight lineup, the Starblazer is the smallest and most nimble with the weakest armor and powercore. Once another civilian duelist, we've chosen to rebalance the Starblazer as a dogfighter in the hopes of having a more varied civilian fighter selection. This ship is significantly smaller than the aforementioned two, and may prove to need further adjustment in the future.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 254px-10


- Center of mass moved 4 units rearwards.

The Rabisu had been over-performing for quite some time, and nobody could seem to figure out why. As it so happened, its center of mass was located almost directly on the tiny central area causing many shots to miss, especially during turns. The center of mass has been moved rearward towards
its fat(ter) arse, and will hopefully create a much more balanced vessel. Demonstrations have been provided below. No octopi were harmed and/or armwrestled in the making of this change. We promise. Really.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Junker10


- Torpedo slots can now mount bomber torpedoes.

Bringing the Recycler in line with other SHFs, it can now mount Novas, SNACs, etc. This is a pretty straightforward change that doesn't really require explanation.

Capital ships

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Coalit10


- Turn rate: 21.01 -> 22.25
- Responsivness: 0.4605 -> 0.4878

The first in our capital ship lineup is our Typhoon. A slender, nimble ship which is already quite capable of dodging shots, the changes made to the the Typhoon are experimental in the realm of cruisers. Until this point, all cruisers have had a response time proportional to their turn rate, meaning every ship which turned faster responded faster. We opted to increase the turn rate of the Typhoon to help it out a bit in duels, but need increase its response time (which displays as a lower response time due to the turn rate buff). This should leave the Typhoon in the already good spot it's in now in group fights without making it overpowered in the process.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Kaguts10


- Turn rate: 20.63 -> 21.50

The Kagutsuchi has always been a little underwhelming, and this is another slightly experimental buff to make light cruisers/destroyers faster, helping them in duels without impacting their group fight performance too much. Unlike the Typhoon, we opted not to lower its response ratio in the process.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Br_des10


- Hull: 260k -> 270k
- Mass: 750 -> 700

A master duelist, the Crecy's good turn rate and excellent weapon arcs meant it was capable of holding its own in a duel without much issue, but its strange shape and size meant it was under performing a little in groupfights. Originally slated for a responsiveness buff, it was found to have the mass of a heavy cruiser during the balancing process, a stat which affects all other handling stats, essentially making the whole thing a little bit slower to respond, strafe, et cetera. These changes should bring it more in line with the ships it is meant to combat, such as the Typhoon and Triumph.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Triump10


- Turn rate: 22.88 -> 23.00
- Responsiveness: 0.4970 -> 0.4605

The Triumph was always meant to be fast. With relatively poor weapon arcs, this ship is intended to be wielded like a blade, not a hammer. Its responsiveness has been standardized, maintaining the standard ratio as other destroyers and cruisers do, with the exception of the Typhoon.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Penanc10


- Turn rate: 23.04 -> 23.10
- Responsiveness: 0.5006 -> 0.4605

If the Triumph was meant to be fast, the Penance was meant to be faster.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Starha10


- Turn rate: 20.05 -> 21.50

This abnormally slow medium cruiser has gotten a substantial turn rate buff.

Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Harves10


- Mass: 800 -> 700

Another oddity, this light cruiser had the mass of a battlecruiser, and should be much more agile now. This is a fairly big change, and may call for another balance pass in the future.

Weapons Changes

While I'm not going to go into huge detail here as a lot of these changes were more on @Titan's side, we both agreed that capital missiles were under-performing and not filling the high risk, high reward role we had intended for them, particularly the silos. The Desolator, Apocalypse, and Nightmare silos have had their ammo reduced and damage increased to function on a sliding scale, with cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships being able to deal totals of 15 million, 25 million, and 35 million damage with all of their torpedoes respectively - if they manage to land them.

As an aside, we are aware of the issue regarding nomad pulses, and you can expect their implementation soon along with some other goodies including revamped hybrid weapons, and some special additions for our more
technologically oriented factions in general.

-Nomad Battleship Annihilator damage 350.000 -> 430.000
-Nomad Battleship Annihilator energy usage 1.100.000 -> 1.720.000
-Nomad Battleship Annihilator reload speed 5s -> 10s
-Nomad Battleship Annihilator projectile speed 800ms -> 700ms
-Nomad Battleship Annihilator efficiency 0.31 -> 0.25
-Battleship Siege Turret fixed
-Gunboat Silencer Missile ammo capacity 100 -> 60
-Gunboat Annihilator Torpedo damage 125.000 -> 200.000
-Cruiser Trinity Torpedo damage 200.000 -> 300.000
-Cruiser Desolator Missile damage 380.000 -> 500.000
-Cruiser Desolator Missile ammo capacity 40 -> 30
-Battlecruiser Apocalypse Torpedo damage 850.000 -> 1.000.000
-Battlecruiser Apocalypse ammo capacity 30 -> 25
-Battleship Nightmare Torpedo damage 1.200.000 -> 1.750.000
-Battleship Nightmare ammo capacity 25 -> 20
-Battlecruiser Mortar Projectile speed 950 -> 800
-Battlecruiser Mortar Damage 240.000 -> 350.000
-Battlecruiser Mortar Efficiency 0.20 -> 0.25
-Battlecruiser Mortar Energy usage 1.200.000 -> 1.400.000
-Battlecruiser Mortar Reload speed 4s -> 7.5s
-Battlecruiser Trebuchet Projectile speed 950 -> 800
-Battlecruiser Trebuchet Damage 250.000 -> 360.000
-Battlecruiser Trebuchet Efficiency 0.20 -> 0.25
-Battlecruiser Trebuchet Energy usage 1.250.000 -> 1.440.000
-Battlecruiser Trebuchet Reload speed 4s -> 7.5
-Nomad BC Annihilator Energy usage 1.700.000 -> 1.500.000
-Nomad BC Annihilator Efficiency 0.22 -> 0.25
-Nomad BC Annihilator Projectile speed 900 -> 800
-Battlecruiser Secondary Turret Reload speed 0.5s -> 0.25s
-Battlecruiser Secondary Turret Projectile speed 1.250 -> 1.300
-Bretonia BS Secondary Turret model changed

If you made it this far then congratz, you've read through my plagiarized Antonio style patch note thread. I hope to do these patch notes every time balance changes happen, regardless of who is involved with the balance team. A huge kudos to the people listed below (besides myself of course), we couldn't have done it without them!

- Numerous new infocards for ships, equipment that previously didn't have any, including Core, Nomad and GMG tech.
- Cryo-organisms commodity now has a description.
- Removed reference to specific fleet numbers in the GRN infocard.

- Added Nomad Vagrant Jump Drives I-III, Survey Module sold on Moros and Nomad Jump Drive Batteries sold on all Nomad bases.
- Replacement texture for Houston-type desert planets.
- Bundschuh and Unioner NPCs use the Sichel VHF
- Corsair NPCs use the Murmillo instead of the Osiris
- Added Havoc sellpoint to Thunder Bay.
- Added Derelict Nomad Artifact to the Nomad Reactor in Omicron Major.
- Race Countdown can be activated by shooting the Starting Buoy at racetracks.

- Improved visibility of Military Salvage field in Bering, standardized dynamic asteroid spawn rates.
- Moved Tau-23 mining fields further apart to try and fix the Niobium Ore bug.

- Added Capetown Station (Core) to Omicron Minor.
- Battlecruiser Luna (Core) in Sigma-19 has been recycled and is now an undockable object in Omicron Rho.
- Added Tarancon Base (Junkers) to Omicron Minor.
- Nomad Irra in Alaska has been recycled.
- Added Ibusuki Construction Site (GMG) to Sigma-21.
- Milazzo Outpost in Poole has been recycled.
- Capital ships and transports can now dock with the Moros Nomad Lair, Omicron Lost.
- Exclusion zone added around Planet Moros.
- Removed AFC racetrack from Kepler.
- Trade lane to Osaka Wreck in Honshu now references Battleship Hyono as the nearest dockable solar instead.
- Changes to Omicron Minor to make it closer to its original vanilla appearance.
- Battleship Isis wreck changed to actually look wrecked.
- Restored "Nomad Artifact" object to Omicron Iota.
- Fixed lighting in Omega-54 being yellow instead of orange like the suns.

- Instant undock has been removed due to it interfering with formation.
- Nomad Reactor and Azurite Reactor had FX changed/removed to improve FPS.
- Fixed Guadalajara/Jiangxi docking ring mixup.
- Fixed Marshall Station interior.
- Fixed Alabama Shipyard selling Interspace ID instead of Core ID.
- Core ships and equipment sold on Valravn Citadel now require 0.89 reputation with the Auxesia IFF to buy.
- Fixed Council fighter wrecks dropping Gallic Small Station Turrets.
- Fixed Dorado light hardpoints.
- Fixed Sichel and Sense infocards referring to them as LWB ships instead of Black Market Rheinland.
- Fixed LWB NPCs still spawning in some places.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Ср 30 Май 2018 - 11:48

Вышло очередное обновление, список изменений опубликован ниже. Позже обновлю ссылки в шапке гайда.

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 6 Hotfix 1


Capital Ships
- New model for the Bretonia Carrier.
- Removed Heavy hardpoints from the Liberty Carrier for Drone Plugin testing.
- Drone plugin enabled for Liberty Carrier for testing.

- Re-exported all of the hitboxes from Patch 4 that may have been broken.
- Fixed Sunrider hitbox.
- Fixed Tarancon Base commodity trader offering missions.
- Fixed Invergordon Station bar.
- Fixed Raubling Station shipdealer.
- Fixed Ibusuki Construction Site infocard XML.
- Fixed Lagos Depot infocard.
- Fixed Planet Waterford death zone.
- Fixed Crayter Battlecruiser Secondary infocard.
- Fixed Nomad Jump Drive equipment classes.
- Fixed missing Equipment Type 1 slots for Nomad Dreadnought, Battleship and Cruiser.
- Fixed some economy bugs.

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 6 Hotfix 2


- Fixed Docking Modules disappearing upon login.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Вт 12 Июн 2018 - 13:38

Вышел очередной патч, с списком изменений можете ознакомиться ниже. Позже обновлю ссылки на готовую сборку в шапке темы.

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 7


Capital Ships
- New model for the Scorpion Gunboat.
- Liberty Carrier has received a carrier-specific powercore: 6m power, 200k recharge.
- Jump Drives Type III and IV including Nomad versions can now be used with 6 million core.
- New capital ship missiles (Nightmare, etc.) can no longer be traded.
- Added Redemption Council Battleship sellpoint to Perpignan Spaceport.
- Moved Council Gunboat sellpoint to Planet Toulouse.
- Adjustments to Bullhead Core Battlecruiser turret hardpoints.

- Manta turn rate: 70.97 -> 68.2
- Manta response time: 0.48 -> 0.46
- TDGWM5K Shield damage increased from 340 to 400, Energy cost Reduced from 89 to 70.
- Fighter Codenames have had their hitpoints increased.
- Musket range fix.

- Fixed Trenton Outpost referring to DSE as a member of the Big Three (Ageira, Interspace Commerce and Universal) as vanilla rumor IDS 131877 states they aren't a member.

- Added GRN Gallia restart (GaNavyCo), places the player on Battleship Rocroi in Burgundy
- Added GRN Bretonia restart (GaNavyBr), places the player on Battleship La Riche in Edinburgh, based on upcoming changes in 4.90 Middle.
- Added Council Gallia restart (GaCouncilCo), places the player on Battleship Cambrai in Champagne
- Renamed Council Roussillon restart to GaCouncilBw
- Added pimpship to Fort Carthage, Omicron Epsilon.

- Fixed Ryuku base infocard.
- Fixed Nago Station bar having no music.
- Fixed extra SRP IDs having not appearing in the scanner window.
- New hitbox for Kujira GMG Whale and Bullhead Core Battlecruiser.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Вт 10 Июл 2018 - 0:37

Выкладываю с опозданием, но все же кому мейби будет интересно, что главное обновлены ссылки в шапке гайда на готовую сборку. Прямая ссылка на начало гайда ТЫК

Discovery 4.90.1 Patch 8


Capital Ships
- Carrier Drones now have a special icon to make them easy to spot.
- Scorpion hull: 100k -> 120k
- Scorpion powercore: medium -> heavy

- New Falchion model from Kuze's Freelancer Ship Pack 3

- New OFID icons for USI, IC, Oracles.
- New icons for Scorpion Wild Gunboat, Outcast Destroyer

- Fixed Obsidian SRP's CD/Torpedo hardpoints
- Fixed Scorpion exhaust nozzles missing effects.
- Fixed Scorpion lights.
- Fixed missing window glowmaps on the Kusari Battlecruiser.
- Fixed window texture on the Shire Bretonia Battle Transport.
- Fixed texture conflict on the Bretonia Carrier.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Ср 18 Июл 2018 - 11:14

Вышел строилайн патч и хотфикс к патчу, список изменений вы увидите ниже. Сборка обновлена до актуальной версии, ссылки в шапке темы. Прямая ссылка на начало гайда ТЫК

4.90 Part 2

This is the second release for 4.90. This release features the Sigma War between the Rheinland and Kusari/the GMG. The update also features the Omega rework, the first rework that attempts to create chokepoints by reducing the number of system connections, removing systems and replacing them with new ones.

This update was originally going to be called 4.90 Middle, with the next one being 4.90 Final. However, the changes planned for 4.90 Final have become so significant that it justified becoming a full update of its own, 4.91. 4.91 will deal with the conclusion of the Gallic War, most importantly without resorting the use of a reset button, deus ex machina treaty or simply returning to the pre-war status quo. We really want to shake things up in the next update and move the story forward in a way that will be exciting and apocalyptic.

There will also be more redesigns to increase the number of choke points, speed up travel and to remove certain redundant systems and replace them with new ones, as well as the planned Mining Update.

With the GMG having rejected Rheinland's ultimatum to leave Saigon orbit and dismantle Ibusuki Construction Site, the Battleship Bayern moved to destroy the installation in a thorough attack that obliterated the station - and anyone unfortunate enough to be in the combat zone. The collateral destruction of the Survey Vessel Unzen and the deaths of Kishiro employees - particularly that of Akemi Yamashita, a high profile Kishiro executive with connections to the Kusari government - at the hands of Rheinland was regarded by Kusari as a casus belli that demanded an immediate military response. Within days of the incident, Rheinland forces in Sigma-21 were attacked by strike wings from the KNF's Hyono battlegroup. Following the loss of Planet Nuremberg and the need for a new homeland to support millions of displaced refugees, Rheinland has no intention of leaving Sigma-21 and abandoning their claim to Saigon without a fight. The Rubicon has been crossed - Rheinland and Kusari are now in a state of war.

In mid 825 AS, the last shipment of diamonds left Solarius and left the Omega-11 system behind forever, as the gate was sealed by Ageira technicians on-site in Stuttgart. The destruction of the system was a neural net spectacle viewed by millions across the sector, with cameras on the jump gate and the abandoned Solarius Station broadcasting the system's final moments. Now a searing hot planetary nebula that not even the most powerful shielding known to man can withstand, the Omega-11 nova had a disruptive effect on the jump hole network in the Omega cluster that revealed the Omega-2 system. A protostar with a resource-rich debris disc deep within the Border Worlds, Daumann, the IMG and BMM have made inroads to this system, intent on claiming the system's resources for themselves - and no one else.

In the midst of these events, there has been a revelation in Rheinland itself; Thuringia, a system previously unknown to the general public, a relic of the 80-Years War and a black site for the Imperial Navy's secret projects and failures. Images of colossal abandoned shipyards and vessels of unknown configuration have emerged, alongside rumors of a system riddled with the graveyards of decayed fleets - and unknown threats only barely contained from the rest of Rheinland.

The return of the Emperor to Kusari and the rise of the Reformed Empire following the Civil War brought hope for a new era of prosperity, but also lead to a deterioration in relations with Gallia. While trade continues to flow between the two colonies, the establishment of fortifications along the border and the arrival of the Battleship Venissieux in the Tau-53 system underline the mutual distrust the Emperor and the King have for one another. Kusari's claim to the entirety of Tau-53 as Rishiri, a claim which is only partially recognized by the Crown, has only served to further the souring of relations. Though the Battleship Matsumoto has been effective at deterring the Blood Dragon insurgency in Nagano, the fear of an attack from Gallia while the Naval Forces are engaged in the Sigmas could see the battleship recalled to Hokkaido in the near future, leaving the defense of the system in the hands of Samura's private security arm.

Meanwhile in the Edinburgh system, a Bretonian recon flight discovered an unusual new Gallic installation: Issoudun Drydock, a mobile repair station with an accompanying factory ship that dwarfs most battleships. The brainchild of Gallia's industrial complex and military engineers, the drydock has made it possible to service warships and manufacture spare parts on site using local resources. Its location deep behind enemy lines has proven to be a major strategic headache for Bretonia and her allies, as it has partially mitigated Gallia's reliance on vulnerable supply lines in the Taus. Military analysts suspect that Gallia's recent innovations represent a move away from an attrition-centric strategy; and they are not wrong. Under pressure from a Crown growing increasingly dissatisfied with the stalemate of the war in Bretonia, the Gallic Royal Navy has set in motion plans for a final, decisive confrontation with Bretonia in the New London system. The Royal Navy is well aware that it is no longer the invincible behemoth it was five years ago, and that a continued reliance on attrition warfare could force Gallia to the negotiations table in a matter of months - an event that would represent a catastrophic loss of face for the monarchy in the eyes of the Gallic public.

Ageira and Deep Space Engineering continue work on the Super Gate in Poole in spite of setbacks caused by the Royal Navy's incursion into the Independent Worlds. Ageira Technologies estimates that construction will only occur somewhat off schedule, but just in time for Liberty battlegroups to reinforce Bretonian forces in the New London system. A recent crew rotation for the Battleship Concord in Alberta has lead to rumors that the dreadnought will be among the first ships to reinforce Bretonia using the new connection.

Corsair leaders in Omicron Xi were relieved when the Rheinland Battleship Schwerin was recalled to Munich following the outbreak of war in the Sigmas. This however came at a great cost - not only would Syros Shipyard need months of repairs to return to normal operations, an MND strike in Frankfurt had destroyed Saalburg Depot. With these setbacks, the Corsairs would not be posing a threat to Rheinland for the forseeable future.

However, two major discoveries in Omicron Xi could very well offset those losses. A survey of the system conducted by a third party - alleged to be Cryer Pharmaceuticals - on the behalf of the Corsairs discovered two previously unknown alien ruins of archaeological significance. The confirmation of ruins beneath the surface of Amorgos lead to the Council of Elders sanctioning the colonization of the moon almost immediately, and the moon has seen rapid development as the Corsairs continue to establish and expand new underground colonies dedicated to the artifact trade.

The second site to be discovered was located in the depths of a recently discovered gas giant concealed in the North Aegean Nebula. Dubbed Planet Knossos by the Corsairs, it harbors the ruins of a massive Daam K'Vosh atmospheric installation, shattered long ago by an ancient storm of unparalleled magnitude, leaving an exposed shell and a cloud of debris. With these discoveries, Omicron Xi has seen an "Artifact Rush" as Corsair prospectors and xenoarchaeologists migrate to the system seeking their fortune and risking their lives, an event that has not gone unnoticed by the Core.

The Corsair incursion into Dresden has fared better than its counterpart in Frankfurt, with the Battleship Athos and her armada evading the Hessians in the Walker Nebula. Ironically, the Athos' actions in Dresden are inadvertently helping Rheinland by drawing the Hessians away from the core systems and buying the Military the time and resources to focus on the Sigma theatre.

In the neighbouring Omega-55 system, the Wild struck at the Core's Dagger Outpost in force. It was the Order's Battleship Canaan that was the first to respond to the station's distress call, and in a rare moment of cooperation assisted in the defense of the station. Damage to the outpost's communications array prevented the command staff from sending out a stand down order to the arriving Battleship Jupiter, which assumed the Canaan had been responsible for the attack. Pursuing the Osiris into the Omega-58 system, it was the Canaan's own damage that allowed the Jupiter to catch up and destroy it.

The layout of the Omega jump links was carefully planned to minimize links as much as possible without destroying the lore of factions in the region. Cayman and Omicron Omega were both removed, as they created an alternate path through the Omegas that allowed players to avoid interaction. Omicron Omega was an ex-guard system with almost exclusively Corsair bases, most of which were moved into Omicron Gamma or recycled. We also didn't want Cayman's starsphere to go to waste, so Omega-2 was designed as Cayman's spiritual successor. It's also the new location for mining Uncut Diamonds, split between Daumann, BMM, IMG, the Hessians and Corsairs and has no bases, nor is it intended to have permanent NPC bases in the future.

Cassini has been removed. With the exception of Gonzales Station, which was also removed, all of its bases have been moved into Kepler and Galileo.

Some players will recognize that the new Omega-55 is actually an improved version of Omega-15, a system that was removed in 4.87. Omega-58 has been redesigned as a dangerous alternate path to Theta.

Rishiri has been revamped as Tau-53, partly because "Rishiri is a Tau" seemed to be causing confusion and the fact that the Taus didn't have a Barrier equivalent to Sigma-13 and Omega-7. One of the main reasons for keeping this system was so we could fix the Kusari jump hole network, which is frankly terrible for unlawfuls because of huge distances but is hard to fix because of Gallic trade routes. By bottlenecking Tau and Gallic jump holes into Tau-53, it becomes much easier to move and reconnect the other jump holes in Kusari into more sane locations.

Bremen has been replaced by Thuringia, which is based on designs and infocards by @SkyNet. It also features a lot of brand new planets.

We have tried to improve systems from a gameplay point of view. For example in vanilla, if a jump hole is in the north of a system then it would link to a system to the north, which is something that previous system designs did not take into account and we have attempted to fix this wherever possible. Vanilla systems are also reverse-engineered to understand how they were designed with reasonable travel times, trade lanes of adequate length for piracy, object placement etc. We also want to avoid 60k+ travel times and placing bases and jump holes on the edge of the map where nobody will use them.

Frankfurt and Nagano have also been reverted to their old layouts. In Frankfurt's last redesign, the trade lanes had been distorted in a zig-zag shape to make them longer for piracy. This completely failed to achieve its goal and just created sharp turns that were annoying for transports and capital ships, so that's been reverted. Nagano's redesign was artificial, with nav buoys in a perfect east-west line to Tomioka along the south edge of the system that bypassed everything else, so we reverted that to the previous version that takes you past Planet Kodo and through a dust field.

Also thanks to a recent exe, patch vertical trade lanes work almost perfectly, except for some camera issues. The trade lane to Virginia has been activated as a vertical lane that takes you above the plane to the gate over Planet Houston. Ontario has also been made subtly 3D as an experiment to make the system more than a generic Liberty system, including trade lanes that go uphill to Alberta and downhill to California. Vertical lanes are a feature we hope to make more use of in future updates.

While you're waiting for @Error's NavMap to be updated, have a Companion map in the meantime to see the latest changes to the universe.


Capital Ships
Bretonia Carrier
- Hull 2.3 million -> 1.9 million
- shield batteries 1900 -> 1800
- Heavy Drone bay slot added
- Heavy turrets removed
- Powercore changed to Carrier Powercore

Coalition Carrier
- Heavy Drone bay slot added
- Heavy turrets removed
- Powercore changed to Carrier Powercore

- Crayter Carrier
- Light Drone bay slot added
- Heavy turrets removed
- Primary weapon amount 5 -> 4
- Secondary weapon amount 7 -> 8
- Powercore changed to Carrier Powercore
- Hull 1.65 million -> 1.55 million

Liberty Carrier
- Hull 1.9 million -> 1.8 million

Rheinland Carrier
- Light Drone bay slot added
- Heavy turrets removed
- Powercore changed to Carrier Powercore
- Hull 1.65 million -> 1.6 million

Zoner Carrier
- Light Drone bay slot added
- Heavy turrets removed
- Powercore changed to Carrier Powercore
- Hull 1.8 million -> 1.7 million

Dronebays added to
- Southampton Shipyard, New London
- Fort Winchester, Manchester
- Sabah Shipyard, Coronado
- Mykolaiv Research Station, Omega-52
- Oder Shipyard, New Berlin
- Alster Shipyard, Hamburg
- Schatten Research Facility, Frankfurt
- Battleship Kolleda, Thuringia
- Livadia Shipyard, Omicron Kappa
- Pueblo Bonito, Baffin

- Carrier Drone torpedo seeker range increased: 1500 -> 2250

- Outcast Battleship
- Sarissa downscaled 20%
- Sarissa hull: 1750000 -> 1700000
- Sarissa shield batteries: 1700 -> 1600
- Sarissa handling: medium -> light

Council Battlecruiser
- Primary Arcs now fire rearwards

Gallic Battlecruiser
- Primary Arcs now fire rearwards

Crayter Battlecruiser
- Primary Arcs now fire rearwards

Order Battlecruiser
- Primary Arcs now fire rearwards

- Siege Turret arcs buffed

- Added Krsnik SRP fighter.
- Falchion CD hardpoint correctly oriented.

- Scorcher & Neutralizer bomb range reduced, 700 -> 500
- Scorcher efficiency nerfed, 8.3 -> 7.4
- Neutralizer efficiency nerfed, 8.5 -> 6.8

- Weak NPCs can no longer damage trade lane shields (trade lane disruptions will still spawn normally.)

- Restored Help System.
- Avenger and Guardian now have animated wings as seen in the E3 trailer.
- Added Rheinland Government Cargo Pod, Biohazard Cargo Pod.
- Added Crayter Freighter Engine.
- NPCs can now refer to (Omicron) Delta, Kappa, Iota and Epsilon in speech
- NPCs will refer to other systems as Omicron, Omega or Sigma. (eg Our trade convoy reports out of Omega)
- NPCs refer to Nomads as Alien Organisms when engaging them.
- Changed Mini Razor model.

- Added battleship missions to Battleship Hyono and Battleship Bayern in Sigma-21.
- Nerfed Omicron Iota platforms and NPCs, buffed defences around Altair and Dur-Shurrikun instead.

- Removed NPC cargo scans.
- Fixed Ish'tar NPCs not dropping remains.
- Fixed Camera Ship thruster.
- Fixed equipment dealers selling the shipdealer package version of Crayter Engines.

Discovery 4.90.2 Patch 1


- Added Krsnik SRP fighter for real this time.

- Bomber EMP Cannon damage: 900 -> 950
- Bomber EMP Cannon drain: 195 -> 206
- All drone weapon seeker ranges increased to 2250

- Added FPS limiter plugin.
- Updated Dronebays plugin.
- Added Wyvern sellpoint to Battleship Hyono, Sigma-21.

- Moved Xeno Relics mining to Planet Knossos. Malvada field disabled.
- Added BMM indie 3.0 bonus for uncut diamonds in Omega-2
- Added BMF official 4.0 bonus for uncut diamonds in Omega-2
- Added IMG indie 2.0 bonus for uncut diamonds in Omega-2
- Added IMG official 3.0 bonus for uncut diamonds in Omega-2

- Added exclusion paths to Baffin and Coronado.

- Fixed Omicron Chi Nomad Lair CTD
- Fixed Planet Memel death zone in Konigsberg.
- Fixed Konigsberg clouds spawning too many wisps that caused FPS lag.
- Fixed Wadern Forward Base still existing in Omega-54.
- Fixed missing infocard for Recklinghausen Base in Omega-58.
- Fixed Sarissa camera.

Discovery 4.90.2 Patch 2


- Scorcher & Neutralizer bomb range: 500 -> 600

- Added sellpoint for Wyvern, Wyrm and Umibozu to Narita Outpost, New Tokyo.

- Renamed Konigsberg to Thuringia, renamed everything inside the system to match the region.
- Renamed Battleship Jupiter to Battleship Mars.

- Fixed CTD around Ryuku Base.
- Fixed CTD on Battleship McNeil Island.
- Fixed Kaibyo having one headlight floating 5 metres away from its intended mount.

Serverside Patch 19/07/2018

- All lawful ore sellpoints in Gallia moved to Sarcelles Shipping Facility, Ile-de-France.
- Added unlawful Uncut Diamonds sellpoint to Epernon Base, Orleanais.

- Added Nomad TLAGSNET. Detects players using Alien Jump Gates and Nomad Lanes inside the Omicrons. Available to Vagrants, K'Hara, Indies and Wild (Tomorrow)

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Пн 6 Авг 2018 - 1:19

Вышел очередной патч, с списком изменений можете ознакомиться ниже. Позже будут обновлены ссылки на готовую сборку в шапке темы. Прямая ссылка на начало гайда ТЫК.

Discovery 4.90.2 Patch 3


Capital Ships
- Ranseur Hull: 2700000 -> 2600000
- Ranseur arcs buffed, 4 heavies rear, 0 primaries rear, 2 heavies and primaries top, bottom, left, right
- Fixed Ranseur hitbox.

- Tridente arcs reverted to 4.85 arcs
- Tridente heavy hardpoints moved from slots 3 & 4 to 1 & 2
- Tridente response ratio: 0.4797 -> 0.4605
- Tridente integrated shieldbox removed
- New Tridente shieldbox, covers only the Sabre style holes
- Tridente hull: 125000 -> 118000

Gaian Gunboat:
- Gaian GB b/b: 300 -> 320
- Gaian GB hull: 92000 -> 97000
- Gaian GB arcs buffed, slots 1-4 now turn 360 deg

- Sarissa heavy arcs adjusted.

- Battleship engine reverse fractions standardized for large battleships.

- Flaks standardized across all houses (Damage, energy, range, and velocity).
- Flak damage increased to 6550 from 4550.
- Flak projectile velocity increased to 650m/s from 350m/s.
- Energy draw adjusted for all variants to be 440,000.
- Nomad Deflector damage increased to 6000 from 4000.
- Nomad Deflector energy cost remains 380,000.
- Nomad Deflector projectile velocity increased to 700m/s from 400m/s.
- Sounds for Flaks and Gunboats standarized.

- Rheinland gunboat forward gun sound changed to battleship cerberus
- All bolt/laser/beam gunboat sounds changed to a more fitting sound effect.
- Crayterian, Legion, and Core Primary turrets given impact visual effects.

- The Celestra is now a Freighter.

- Fixed stats of Krsnik SRP fighter (-hull, +turn rate)

Sabre reverted to 4.86
- Armor: 11900 -> 11200
- Response time: 0.4720 -> 0.4835
- Strafe speed: 20000 -> 21000
- Power core: 10400 -> 11400 (You do not have to rebuy the ship for this to apply.)

- Starblazer codename slots 3 -> 5

- Added unique light SHF power core
- Werewolf and OSC Shuttle power core changed to ge_shf_power01 (You do not have to rebuy the ship for this to apply.)
- Increased SHF light power core to 1650/29000 from 1650/15900
- Increased SHF medium power core to 1950/36000 from 1650/36000

- Increased downward barrel arcs on Zappers, Lyre Heavy Transport Turret, SUPERSONIC, Manticore Class 8 beams from 10 to 40 degrees to give them firing arcs similar to normal weapons.
- TDGWM5K's Energy draw increased to 74 from 70 per shot.
- Fury 5 turret adjusted to match its gun counterpart. (Like every other turret.)

- Added a Bretonian NPC voice.
- Added glowmaps to lava asteroids.
- Added undockable Border Control cruisers/destroyers to Frankfurt and Honshu. They have weak loadouts that do not interfere with piracy.
- Added Wyrm, Drone, Falchion to Sesan base in Sigma-21, replaced Rheinland equipment with Kusari.
- Added Surveyor to Planet Tangier, added mining equipment.
- Added Jackdaw, Ravens Talon and Waran to Fort Ramsey.
- Changed sellpoints of Rheinland capital ships.

- Attempted to standardize drops in the Nomad Azurite Reactor field to that of other fields.

- Visual changes to Omicron Rho, replaced an asteroid field with an Edge Nebula cloud.
- Modified the Nomad Azurite Reactor in Omicron Delta to allow Hegemons inside.
- Visual changes to Baffin.
- Minor visual changes to Omicron Tau, Planet Soledad.
- Changed Dur-Shurrikun so docking with it selected sends you to the Entrance Gate like a planet with a docking ring.
- Moved entrance to Planet Knossos.
- Added anti-capital anti-spawncamping loadouts to Battleship Bayern and Hyono in Sigma-21.
- Disabled Lichtenfelde's Nomad Weapons Platforms.

- Fixed Fort Sommerda killing battleships on undock by giving it a mooring fixture.
- Fixed Otaru Border Station door.
- Fixed Hammersee not appearing on the bases visited list.
- Fixed trade lane attacks in Tau-53 happening constantly.
- Fixed missing DELUSION and TWILIGHT wrecks; restored to Omega-58 and Omicron Chi
- Removed second GUARDIAN wreck from Omega-55.
- Removed second PROMETHEUS wreck from Puerto Rico.
- Removed ARCHANGEL wreck from Sigma-59, can be looted in Tottori.
- Fixed missing hexagon particle textures on Vulture projectile.
- Fixed Light Mortar/Mortar/Light Trebuchet/Trebuchet explosions showing squares instead of the proper texture.
- Fixed Freighters having an incompatible shield equipped in their package.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  Dante в Вс 9 Сен 2018 - 10:03

Изменения в последнем патче:

Discovery 4.90.2 Patch 4


Capital Ships
- Added capital weapon types. https://pastebin.com/F4pz9XN1
- Flak damage reduced to 4550

- Nomad Battlecruiser Flak added.
- Nomad Blaster Turret Energy usage increased from 75,000 to 86,000
- Autopulse shield damage reduced from 14,000 to 11,250. (Efficiency reduced from .28 to .225)

- Cruiser Solaris (and Gallic variants) projectile speed increased from 1300 to 1500m/s.
- Unioner Gunboat and Battleship Primary turrets balanced to be in line with the current formulas.
- Terminator Turret range increased from 1,500m to 2,000m.
- Dual Gatling Laser range increased from 1500m to 1800m.
- Siege Turret Force Ori removed to allow battleships with sub-optimal arcs to use them efficiently.
- Increased Battlecruiser PPAC Turret hull damage from 10,000 to 15,000 to provide additional versatility, allowing it to compete with the Mortar.
- Increased Battlecruiser PPAC Turret range increased from 2250m to 2500m
- Kinetic Turret turn speed increased from 10 to 12.5.
- Siege Turret Force ori removed to allow use on battleships with weaker arcs.

- Gallic Battlecruiser Primary arcs adjusted to allow for full coverage to the rear.
- Fixed Hyperspace Matrix bug on the Gallic Battlecruiser.
- Council Battlecruiser primary arcs adjusted to support full coverage.
- Fixed Hyperspace Matrix bug on Council Battlecruiser.
- Fixed CM orientation on the Mako.
- Fixed Hyperspace Matrix bug on the Mako.
- Fixed Hyperspace matrix bug on the Kusari Battleship.


- Added Rheinland Mining Ship. Has mining bonuses for Rheinland Corporations.
- Implemented new models for the Nomad Morph, Labraid and Adad.
- Implemented new Spatial model.

- Transgressor hardpoints brought in line with other bombers
- Eagle hull: 11200 -> 11700
- Lich strafe speed: 20k -> 21k
- Lhotse turn rate: 66.38 -> 65.58
- Sabre turn rate 68.75 -> 67.99
- Sutinga response time: 0.4835 -> 0.4720
- Vindicator turn rate 69.05 -> 68
- Contrails moved from top fins to side fins on Hammerhead, Manta, Skipjack, and Marlin

- Added 3 new fighter codenames: GARNET, TANZANITE and MALACHITE
- Added "Corona" bomber beam. (SNAC alternative)

- 5.88 refire 650 m/s weapons rebalanced to 700 m/s, dps and efficiency adjusted accordingly.
- Suntiger restatted to a 6.67 refire particle gun
- Incapacitator & nova torpedo munitions increased to 20k HP
- Scorcher Bombs dispersion increased from .25 to .75.
- Added a warning sound to the NEMP.

- Merged Crayter Military and Crayter Republic IFFs into Crayter Republic IFF.
- Added Lane Hacker engines.
- Added MND HNP engines.
- Added new Core engine FX.
- Added new FX for Bretonia engines without yellow.
- Added a new model for Zapper and other beam turrets.
- Changed all house unlawful weapons to use house-specific weapon models.
- Removed music attenuation.
- Sounds for gunboats and capital ships pathing standardized.
- Sound files added to fill new paths.
- Sound ranges adjusted for maximum range of weapons.
- New Sound added for the Core/BHG Gunboat Forward Gun.

- Azurite Gas sellpoint in Bretonia will be moved to Battleship Ark Royal.

- Revamped Codename locations. All have been shuffled and some are invisible to scanners, revealed by buying the location from Information Broker NPCs on certain freeports.
- De-guarded Sigma-13/Frankfurt gates.
- De-guarded Junker bases in Puerto Rico.
- Crayter trader NPCs added to New London, Manchester, Cortez, California.
- Sunderland Research Station is now BIS IFF. Azurite sellpoint moved to Battleship Ark Royal.
- Added a minefield around the Virginia jump gate in Texas.
- Replaced docking ring mortars with full 500ms pulse loadouts.
- Removed jump gate turrets.

- Removed Solar Engineering NPCs throughout Gallia, most are now EFL instead.
- Removed Imperial Kusari Navy NPCs from Leeds.
- Fixed numerous bar backgrounds using the wrong starsphere.
- Fixed missions not working for Auxesia and Separatists.
- Fixed Separatist bribes, now available in Puerto Rico.
- Fixed the Order not appearing as an enemy faction in missions.
- Fixed some NPC gunboats that were still using battle razors.
- Fixed starsphere of the Omicron Delta intro.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  Dante в Вс 23 Сен 2018 - 18:43

Вышло обновление Discovery 4.90.2 Patch 5


Capital Ships

- Fixed the misassignment of the Battlcruiser flak turret class
- Fixed heavy slot issue on the Mako.
- Fixed Gallic Battlecruiser Prim arcs .
- Hurricane ammo price set to 100k per unit.


- Added balancemagic FLHook plugin - SNAC, Corona beam now have scaling damage modifiers against hull based on ship class, eg 15% damage vs fighters and 100% to battleships.
- Re-added Classic SNAC, use /snacclassic command to replace a Civilian SNAC with the Classic version.

- Labraid given its second CD slot to support the use of CD and Missile/Torp
- Fixed Spatial rear-firing turret.
- Fixed Adad CD/Torp Slot.
- Stork now has 4.8k cargo.
- Titanic now has 5k cargo.
- Fixed Suntiger Turret refire.
- Spatial rear facing turret no longer upside down.
- Spatial camera corrected.

- Cannonball and Firestalker Missiles lifetime adjusted to support their full tracking range.
- Fighter missile projectile given additional health to prevent self detonation or inherent detonation from crossfire.
- Fixed Nova self-detonation exploit for the spatial's double mine droppers by buffing munition HP to 50k.


- Cruiser and battlecruiser NPCs now have 4.0x armour. Battleship and carrier NPCs now have 2.5x armour.
- Light and Heavy Drones use the Corona Beam Cannon.
- HOTFIX 1: Added Drone version of the Corona Beam Cannon.

- Added ex-LWB ships to Cruiser Greifswald.
- Added Gaian Freighter, Transport and Heavy Transport engines.
- Sellpoint for Auxesia engines added to Valravn.
- Corona fx lengthened.
- Changed laser beams from Flashpoint style 'spears' to Vengenace-style 'bolts' for the following lasers & their derivatives: Flashpoint, Retribution, Luger, Reaver, Death's Hand, Gendaito, Sammael, Natterturn.

- Fixed new Codename IDS.
- Fixed Corona fx not appearing on low settings.
- Fixed Adad infocard.
- Fixed BDM engine sellpoint error.
- Fixed Sunderland Research Station being BIS on the outside and BAF Guard on the inside.
- Fixed the silent solaris sounds caused by typo.
- Fixed Gunboat firing sound
- Fixed Battlecruiser and Cruiser Cerb sound
- Fixed Nomad Battleship and Nomad Battlecruiser flak infocard error
- Fixed missing TXM on Gallic GB FWG projectile
- Fixed several broken glowmap textures
- Fixed Heavy Tanker window glow.
- Fixed Sigma-13 gas pocket density.
- Fixed Gallic civilian NPC engines.
- HOTFIX 1: Actually fixed MND engines, added placeholder infocards.

а также хотфикс:



Balancemagic damage values:
Ship Type = FFr, Trns, Gnbt, Crsr, Bcrs, Btls
Corona Beam Cannon = 750, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000

Ship Type = Snubs/Freighters, Everything Else
SNAC = 18000, 132000

- Reverted cruiser (e: and battlecruiser ~Kaz) NPCs from 4.0x armour to their original 1.7x.
- Restored torpedoes to Drones alongside the Drone Corona.

- Added Rheinland Unlawful guns to the Cruiser Greifswald.
- Added missing Lane Hacker heavy transport engine.

- Fixed missing and non-functional Drone Corona Beams.
- Fixed all missing engine sellpoints.
- Fixed Merthyr Tydfil Station selling BMM ID instead of Planetform.
- Fixing a texture conflict with the Onuris and the Nephthys/Order ID icon.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  YouCantWin в Вс 12 Май 2019 - 0:57

Discovery 4.91.0 Patch 10

Обновлены ссылки на готовую сборку, теперь они обратно актуальны. Интегрированы последние обновления, запускать можно, как с ярлыка Discovery Ru или через лаунчер, пути к серверу в обоих случаях уже прописаны. Пользуйтесь на здоровье.

Прямая ссылка на начало гайда ТЫК.

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Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!! - Страница 4 Empty Re: Гайд по установке и настройке клиента Discovery!!!

Сообщение  Спонсируемый контент

Спонсируемый контент

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